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Know Gandhi Quiz

Daily Gandhi Quiz : Play & Win Books & Related items EVERY MONTH.

Answer 10 Objective Type Questions. Get 100% Score and win a Digital Certificate. Lucky Winner will get: An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments With Truth.[Suspended temporarily due to lockdown in Mumbai]
   What Others Say....   
We valued your efforts and found the activity very engaging for the kids and also for the parents who got involved with the kids. This was a brilliantly thought idea to not only get children to know about Gandhiji but also in a way helped to align them with one segment of Indian history. My suggestion is that you should not restrict yourself only to one persona but also include all other freedom fighters and other important personalities in such a way that knowing about them helps children know about the right ethics and rules that helps to create great mind sets and thought processes for the current and coming generations.

Debopriyaa Chakrabarty

Know Gandhi Quiz is a very exquisite way to know about our father of the nation, about his life and his principles which further motivates the participants. The questions were also formed in such a way, which will help the students to understand the core of Gandhi's values and his ideals.

Rishabh Gupta

Gandhi Quiz helped me to know more about Gandhiji and his Philosophy.


The know Gandhi Quiz was really interesting. It helped us to improve our knowledge about Gandhiji, like how he lived, where he went, and what great works he did.

Shruti Rana

Know Gandhi Quiz is a great opportunity for children to know about Gandhiji. I learnt a lot about Gandhiji after participating in this quiz.


Know Gandhi Quiz was very interesting for me. Through this quiz I got to know more about Gandhiji 's life and his work.


The wording of the SAGARKUTTY for Gandhi's quiz is same for me also. Well, Gandhi's quiz program should continue forever. The pattern of quiz should be changed.


I played all the Monthly Quiz and all the One Day quiz also. It helped me a lot in understanding Gandhiji better. Keep it alive so that by playing the quiz, one will get a complete picture of Gandhiji. Good Work. Continue


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